layered haircut

im getting my haircut tomorrow and im thinking of getting it layered. would this be a good haircut? i have fine hair and before my stylist would thin it out but i cant get it thinned out anymore or i would be left with no hair. suggestions are much appreciated
layers are great for curly hair!
3b-3c CG
thanks! i guess i'll be getting it layered then
I am concerned if you can not thin out or"take weight out" because you have already done this. DO NOT LET HER just start layering, she will need to know where she took weight out so she won't create holes. When a stylist takes weight out they are taking from underneath, KNOWING that the top hair will lay over it and "HIDE" the short peices.
Just be careful. Do you go to the same person all the time? Does she know your hair well? Good luck...Layers "unevenly look great for curls, but some stylists cut as if we have straight hair and we end up with "lines of Bulk".

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