Arc Angell vs. Angell

Ok ladies, I know this has probably been posted before, but I struggle with the search feature. As a matter of fact, if your search brings up a lot of results and you click on one, I find I can't use the back button. So I gave up and am asking......

I was trying to use up my product graveyard and used a TON of angell and found out it worked fantastic. I guess I just wasn't using enough before. I found that before it made my hair feel coated, almost greasy. But when I used a heap of it, I had people asking what I used in my hair. And we had torrential rains, so it really held up.

So as I went to the store to buy more, I saw Arc Angell and was wondering if the only difference was one was Deva Curl and one was Deva Care.......would have helped had I looked at the ingredients, but I just bought One C and No Poo and left.

Should I buy more Angell or try Arc Angell?

Fine, blonde 3a botticelli curls
OK, They are DIFFERENT... Angell was first invented and works really wel 80% of the time on most hairtypes when you use enough.
ARC Angell IS stronger, thicker and more "gel" like... I tried the arc for one month and I noticed that during the winter it made my curls even loser than they normally are during the no humidity BUT during the summer when I mixed it with the Angel on REALLY humid days it gave great hold.
So it is stronger, it just depends on what you need for hold.

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