Vitastile in Grove City

Someone on here posted that they went to this salon to get a Deva type cut. I decided to try them out, and have an appointment today. I was wondering how much it ended up costing.
That was me (I think). It was around $40.00 +/-. Let us know how it went! And if the price is still the same.
Growing out from a pixie cut. Long process but I'm getting there.
It was you Kikirose! I can honestly say that so far, this is the best experience I have had with a salon! Normally, I get a haircut and immediately come home, rewash, and restyle it because my hair is a big puff ball of frizz. Not the case this time.

My appointment was with Stephanie, who was very nice. She looked at my hair dry, and decided that with my curl pattern, to cut it wet. She didn't cut too much hair, but she cleaned up the ends and the layers I already had and it seems good. She used the DevaCare No Poo on my hair, some conditioner (assuming it as OneCondition), then showed me how to use the Angell product and how to scrunch with paper towels and add the clips to give my hair some lift. After dried, she sprayed my curls with the Set it Free, which smelled great.

As I said, I am quite pleased with the results. My 3b curls are still curly, but a bit more refined. And it only cost $28! Now I am sitting here trying to decide which DevaCurl products to buy.
I knew I had posted that I went there but I wasn't sure if it was my post you were referring to. But wasn't it great going to a salon where they don't "negate" everything we've learned on this site? When I went, I bought the OneC and ArcAngell. But I had to use sooooooooo much of the ArcAngell that it wasn't cost effective. I'm finding that I'm already counting down to when I can go back. Since I'm trying to grow out the top layer, it'll be another couple months. But I'm seriously looking forward to it!

When I went there, I had told Stephanie about this site. She said she was going to check it out. Do you know if she did?
Growing out from a pixie cut. Long process but I'm getting there.
She mention that she had or was going to check out this site.

How do you like the OneC? I am currently trying to decide if I want to buy that, plus the Angell and Set It Free.
The OneC was okay. I like B2B Pom better though. (Old formula - never tried the new yet). I just had to use sooooooo much of all the Deva products. IF there was a place closeby to buy, I'd probably try them again. But I don't miss the fact that there's not.
Growing out from a pixie cut. Long process but I'm getting there.
I forgot to get pictures yesterday, but here is my hair this morning. Yesterday after getting it done by the stylist, the curls were a little looser, which I liked, but I think this is what results I am going to get myself.

You have beautiful hair and what a fantastic color. Jealous again
Central Massachusetts

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Oh wow! Your hair looks awesome! Great cut and absolutely gorgeous curls! Thank you for posting!!
Fine, blonde 3a botticelli curls
I have been lurking for several weeks. I had to respond when I saw your post. I received a haircut from Stephanie at Vitastyle a few weeks ago, and it was the first cut in quite some time that did not reduce me to tears!

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