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Who has used this product and what do you think of it? I was thinking of using it to help with the poof fact in my hair... or if anyone knows of any thing different pls let me kow!
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It's not one product; it's a line of products whose stylers all tend to be somewhat similar but not idential. Some of the stylers are a bit too heavy for me but I like the Curl Styling Lotion (reg strength) and Curly Frizz pudding. The Soy Cream Shampoo is also an excellent nonsulfate shampoo.

The stylers are all cream-based and quite moisturizing and heavy. They will moisturize your hair and may weight it down a bit, depending on which product you use. But they have IMO almost no hold (even though a few of them claim to have light and moderate hold). I prefer to top them off w/ a gel. I'm not sure how much poof you have or what's causing it so I'm not sure these products alone will control that...they might though. You can get very inexpensive samples of all of them at

The curl quenching conditioner really made a difference in my poof. My hair was noticeably smoother after first using it!
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The stylers in the product line are all good texture definers with different levels of hold. They all tend to shrinkage because they are drawing the hair up in texture.

I love the conditioning cleansing cream, Soft curls & Swirls (not a styler) and Curl Styling Butter (a good styler for cooler weather)
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I've tried pretty much all the products in the line apart from light styling lotion and cleansing conditioner (although I am expecting it any day!)

they last a really long time and i find i only need a small amount, from what i can see most products all have the same ingredients but all seem to work differently on my hair (no, they really do!) my favorites are happy nappy even though this is, I think aimed at tighter hair i'm a 3b/c and it works really well for me, and also the down and out styles from the blended cutie (kids and sensitive heads) line.

And of course the shampoo and conditioners.

I do experience shrinkage with almost if not all products, but thats not a problem for me.
and I second spiderlashes5000 rec's for using Sistasplace to get samples
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The curl quenching conditioner really made a difference in my poof. My hair was noticeably smoother after first using it!
Originally Posted by JuicyTube
Oh, dear. My PJ...

So, it helped with poof? What did it do, take away bulk, or elongate the curls so they're less poofy?

CoN green, HE hello hydration, burt's bees super shiny condish, & KCCC.

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