one year with cg, before & after-see a difference? (pics

Your hair is gorgeous. I would really like to try and duplicate your routine. I just went out and bought the garnier curl products (cond and leave in). Can you give more details about this gel you are using? Is it in a tube? Does it give any information about the manufacturer? Did you get it at Sally Beauty Supply by chance? Thanks so much. I would really like to try the gel.
lol.. nvm. i just read it! I thought oil before water was a big "no, no" or am i wrong?
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Wow, what a difference. Your hair is soo beautiful now
WOW! your hair looks wonderful, its a huge difference you actually gave me some inspiration not to give up on my curls, I also have that length and my hair always looks so dull! Im new here and have now decided to start with the famous CG metod, how do you do it, where can I read some more about it?
Your hair is amazing. Thanks for posting those photos. I am just starting out and trying to find a good CG routine. You give me hope!
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"...still curly after all these years..."

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