Aggravation and frustration... what my hair is lately. Anyone else? I swear, I think I find something I like and the next day, BHAM, my hair sucks. I've been having a lot more crappy hair days then good hair days lately. I just can't figure this whole thing out. I tried doing CG, but the co I had had protein in it which, I think, was making my hair ridiculously frizzy. But then I try another product with the same protein and have no problems. I think I need to regroup, start over. Suggestions...please!!!! I don't want to give up on my curls, but at least when I straightened, my hair was consistent.
VERY fine 2B/3A hair
Chin-length - growing it out...again.
Welcome to my world (and many others).
Sometimes starting over is a good thing. 1st make sure you don't need a trim or shaping. If you do - do that first. Do a ACV or lemon rinse.
Then start from scratch with the basics, and as CG as you can. Skip proteins. Keep daily notes. Try every combo for at least 3 days (unless way to hideous). Sometimes you have the right products, but the wrong amounts or application technique.

Bang your head on the wall often!

Good luck.
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Just had a trim about a month ago, so I'm good there. The notes idea is good. I never thought about that.

Nice to know someone else feels my pain.

Anyone with fine hair that is CG have suggestions on products? Oh, and I can't use anything with amodimethicone in it either. Breaks me out.
VERY fine 2B/3A hair
Chin-length - growing it out...again.
Welcome to the wild whacky world of curls . Don't give up - just keep working at it. Have you tried Curl Keeper for the frizz?

I'm at work so don't have any products with me, but take a look at Jessicurl.

Are you doing regular ACV rinses? Like 2happy said, you may need to do this and just start over. Then do the rinses regularly.

Hang in there!
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How often should you do an ACV rinse? I've gotta find my CG book. Which closet did I bury it in?

I think I'll clarify and start fresh this weekend. That should give me enough time to get to the drugstore and stock up on some different conditioners. I think I have some Suave Aloe Co in the back of the closet.

Here's the arsenal of styling products I have now:
Jessicurl CCSS
BB Curly Frizz Pudding
BB Light Down n Out
DevaCurl Angell

I need to go back and 'bury' the ones with proteins until I can find out for sure if that's causing my hair havoc or not. Any other suggestions...since I'm going to the drugstore anyway?
VERY fine 2B/3A hair
Chin-length - growing it out...again.
I would clarify first then use my regular products for a few days and see how your hair does. You might just be amazed at how well just clairifying does for you. Then if you are still having problems look at changing other things like the protein.

Just in case you cant find your book she recommends lemon aid to clarify which is using the juice of one large lemon and your usual amount of conditioner. She said this is more cleansing then a clarifying and better moisturing and neutralizing to add shine and remove build up
ECCurly, I am in the same boat! Same hair type, same troubles, same frustration. I've just started the CG routine, so I'm not sure if I need more time for the routine to work or if I'm not on the right track...

Good luck! Lots of us can relate. Sorry I can't offer any tips although I will take missy60's suggestion and do the lemon juice/conditioner rinse.
3a/3b hair
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