Using Thinning Shears on curly, thick hair?

Is it a bad idea to use thinning shears on curly hair?

I'm not sure if they are called thinning shears (or maybe texturizing shears) - but most hairstylists I have ever had have used them on me to thin my very thick hair. It worked great when I'd blow dry my hair straight because it would lessen the amount of time it took to dry my hair (and removed some of the bulk). But now that I'm wearing my hair curly I wonder if it would contribute to frizz and/or disrupt the curl formation???

Anyone get their hair thinned with these scissors?

I used to have my hair "thinned" and while it seemed great right after the cut, it made it difficult to grow out and just added bulk.

Now I have my hair cut in layers and they grow out beautifully. The stylist I have now really understands my hair and how it grows and gave me amazing layers and removes bulk by cutting in layers rather than thinning.
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