So I learned something about scrunching...

On my quest for clumpy waves instead of stringy ones, I've been trying different product application techniques.

I'm not flipping my head over anymore. Instead, I divide my hair in half, each section in front of my shoulders, and to the following to each side:

I smooth a little bit of product over my soaking hair, then very gently rake in more product trying to just run my fingers through the clumps that form naturally. Then I squeeze each section together to reform any clumps that broke up. This helps me distribute the product better ( and helps with frizz), but my waves were really wimpy.

So then I added scrunching (first with more gel and then with a towel). But now I'm doing it very, very gently. If I do it quickly, the clumps just break up into little strings.

I guess when Lorraine says to scrunch gently, she really means gently...
Life with Lydia

That's definitely something for me to consider! I've always thought I was a fairly gentle scruncher, but I'd like to see how it goes if I take more slow and careful. :]

Thanks for the tip!

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