RAVE for LALooks Curling Gel

I bought this a while back, used it a couple of times and thought it was okay. One of the problems I was having at the time was that I was badly in need of a haircut, but not really realizing it.

So I got a cut and just used re:coil for a few weeks-nothing else. I put this stuff away and sort of forgot about it-with my new cut, I didn't want to use anything but re:coil for fear of weighing my hair down-and I didn't need anything else, either. Everything was going great.

Then- the rain stopped and it got HOT. Excruciatingly hot. And my waves/curls fell totally flat, frizzed like crazy and just drove me nuts.

This morning it was raining again and I knew that there was a darn good chance that my hair would suck today.

So I put in my re:coil, and saw my old friend, LALooks, sitting there on the shelf. I thought "what the hey, why not" and used a smalll amount after re:coil. I ever so gently scrunched it in, focusing on making large clumps, then plunked.

Well. I remember now why I liked this stuff to begin with. It poured rain today then got pretty warm- and NO FRIZZ. My curls are soft, clumped, ringlets. The waves are well defined and no fly-aways! Usually on rainy days my hair will curl a little better, but it gets very flat and lanky looking. Not today. Not at all!

I have very fine, thick, 2b hair with some 3a tendencies on good days. Product balance is a big problem with hair like this. But this stuff seems to really be a good, balanced product for gals like me- a small amount provides a little hold, cuts the frizz, and doesn't weigh my hair down at all!
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I also enjoy this gel. I put it over re:coil as you do but also other cream products and it works well. I like the smell alot too! I am a fine/thin 3A so it appears this can be pretty versatile.
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