Is it true spray gel is better for a wavy?

Someone told me wavy hair, especially if it's not thick, should use spray gel. Is there any truth to this? If so, what is the best application method for spray gel, and what are good drugstore spray gels?

If it's NOT true, should wavies be applying regular gel differently? What is the best application for regular gel? And finally, what is the best regular gel for wavy hair prone to frizzy, undefined fluffy waves?

thanks a ton!
I disagree. Some of the thickest, goopiest gels have given me the hold and clumping to encourage my 2b waves into curls.

I'm not a big fan of sprays because I have trouble not getting them on my face, arms, bathroom floor, etc too.
I disagree too.
I'm a wavy 2b and use curl creams (Boots or Frederic Fekkai).
The only gel I use is Angel which I love.
I just don't like the feel of gels. Angel is very lightweight and not stiff and crunchy.
But everyone is different - I had to try alot of different products to get to my HG's.
"What's the good of having naturally curly hair if nobody's jealous?" Freida - Peanuts

~CG 8/06 ~
fine, wavy - 2b/3a
I'm a 2b who looks more like a 3a with the right cut and products, and I also disagree. For one thing, I've seen people with very thick, wavy hair. For another, I prefer a thick, goopy gel over a thin, watery one for encouraging curl.

I'm kind of a spaz with sprays anyway. They generally end up all over the bathroom floor, counter, and door rather than on my hair.

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