Does tying your hair back give you headaches?

I used to wear my hair up all the time. When I started working I would get frequent headaches. Could've been more related to staring at a computer screen for 8 hours a day than wearing my hair up. Anyway I usually wear my hair down now and I notice when I wear it up I get headaches, even when it is pulled up loosely. Could be a subconscious thing.
I get weird hair aches from updo's sometimes, strange coming from something that's supposed to be dead.

Maybe you hair is too heavy and pulling on your scalp. I would experiment with different positions, so the hair is more balanced.
When my hair is longer (and heavier) I get headaches from ponytails and updos sometimes. I always get headaches from headbands...even the soft, strechy ones. It's a shame because I think headbands look so cute!
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I've been wearing a headband every day since I got my hair cut short a few months ago and at first it gave me headaches, but I guess after a few days my head adjusted? lol

I tried to pineapple at night once and woke up with a horrible headache even though I had it very lose on top of my head. I'll never try that again!

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I get them when my hair is longer and heavier. Though I haven't found anyone else with the same problem. I ask people(they usually have very thick long straight hair) and they say no. Maybe it's just us curlies.
I have long, thick, heavy hair and I feel more strain in my neck when I wear ponytails. i feel the need to pop my neck throughout the day. I wouldn't say I get headaches though.
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When my hair is longer (and heavier) I get headaches from ponytails and updos sometimes. I always get headaches from headbands...even the soft, strechy ones. It's a shame because I think headbands look so cute!
Originally Posted by Ab-star
Exactly! I sometimes even get headaches from just doing a half updo or pulling the front back in a clip. I think it's from pulling the hair tight or pressure of the clip against my scalp. I hate that. Even if it doesn't feel tight, the next day, I have a sensitive spot where the clip was.

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Totally! When my hair was longer I used to get headaches alot when I pulled it back and I used to pull it back almost all the time . I switched over to scrunchies (oh the horror ) for awhile and that helped (you really couldn't see the scrunchie because I used the thinner ones and my hair was so thick that they just kind of disappeared under the mass). Now that my hair is shorter it is a little harder to pull it back, not long enough to do a ponytail. I can pull the top part back into a stubby ponytail but that gave me a headache too so now I am experimenting with just pulling a little section back with a barrette. That is definitely less painful.
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I thought I was the only one! My mom and sister have always looked at me weird when I said my hair was giving me a headache! (They both have mostly straight hair with just a little wave.) Clips and headbands are the worst although when my hair is past my brastrap, even ponytails make my head hurt.
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I used to before I got layers cut into my hair. It really really really helped a lot.
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Lately I've been noticing the same thing. I used to be able to clip it up all day long with no problem, now I get a headache after an hour or so.
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