John Masters Organics / Korres ?? any feedback for a newbie

First of all just wanted to say "what a fantastic site" soooo much information it has been keeping me on the net until the wee hours searching through all reviews etc. I wondered if anyone has used the John Masters Organics range and what they thought of it.
I have just stopped using the Tigi Fashionista range after realising just how many nasty things were in it and why my was so full of build up so would like to try something far more natural. Also have heard good things about the Korres juniper & olive tree shampoo although that contains SLS but no silicone, mineral oil or propylene glycol and also their acacia milk conditioner.

Thanks in advance
You might try posting this on the Hair board for better responses. I have not used those products though, sorry. Welcome to the boards.

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I'm fragrance sensitive and the Korres products stink to me. John Masters: I have tried and loved the Citrus/Neroli Detangler and Hair gel. Really excellent products.
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Thanks for the reply. I stumbled on this site by accident and I am already absorbed in it and can see it taking up a good part of my free time and possibly cash!!! There is so much great info. I have just started to leave my hair alone and not dry it straight and start and keep it naturally wavy/curly. Now begins the search of some great products.
I just used the John Masters Honey and Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor and Sweet Orange & Silk Protein Gel for the first time today. The reconstructor was WONDERFUL and left my hair super soft. I think I used way too much of the gel though. I normally just use a creamy leave in but I've been wanting to try something with a little more hold. So, I skipped my leave in and used the gel and now I have really crunchy hair. I will try it again Monday though, it does smell nice and doesn't seem drying.

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