I'm looking for some products suggestions that can help me with getting more of a ringlet. My hair right now is about BSL, maybe a bit longer, and the top of it is a tight wave, like 2Cish. Then at the bottom, maybe the last 2 inches or so, I get actual curl and ringlets. I would love to get an entire clump of hair to be a ringlet, not half-wave half-ringlet.

I'm not expecting a miracle, but what products do you recommend to help form ringlets? I've heard Re:Coil is a good one - does anyone second that?

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Try the recoil and some gel. What may help though is to take sections and twist them while your hair is still wet. Just twirl them up and then let it dry.
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I find that products with glycerin seem to give me more ringlety curls.
If you use mousse, PM Sculpting foam gives me nice ringlets.
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I second what Willow6886 said about the twisting. I usually do this everyday (after I put gel in) to form ringlets.
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