good curl washing everyday with GLS

It seems that I get the best hair when I shampoo with GLS and use the Aloeba condish and a tiny bit of HE TT. I would like to not shampoo everyday. Is the Jessicurl GLS gentle enough?? Tomorrow I'm going to try and just condish and rinse and see what happens again.

Natural hair color - dark brunette
Fine, thinish hair/3a, 3b
I'm going through the same dilemma - I don't WANT to wash every day but right now I get the best results when I wash each day with either GLS or my daughters Anna Banana poo (Circle of Friends) vs. just CO washing or condish/rinse. My hair seems "heavier" on the days I don't gentle wash. I don't use any 'cones, but maybe it's the oils in the products I style with? I am not hair is very very fine.

I think all you can do is experiment and go with what works best even if that means washing everyday - and GLS is, I think, one of your best everyday choices (as far as still "washing" but not stripping)
very fine hair-daily humidity battle
2B so far, wash daily w/gentle poo, clarify wkly
Current faves: EMBC, Mop C poo, LOOB, Recoil, CK, HE BE gel

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