My straightie sister went CG!

I started a Swedish site about curly hair, and made my straight-haired sister so curious that she decided to try the CG routine on herself! Her hair is quite thick, probably 1b-1c (it is definitely straight but easy to reshape and sometimes form HUGE C-shapes). She's had that age-old problem with greasy scalp and dry lengths, which usually signifies a scalp that is too dried out.

She reported that the first five days were absolutely horrible. Her hair got more and more greasy, to the point where it made her pillow all sticky and nasty, and it also started to smell despite washing with water and conditioner. She was on the verge of giving up, but my sister is a stubborn woman
On day 5, her hair suddenly started to change and went back to normal - but a better normal than before, as it was less dry and her scalp wasn't greasy and itching.

She and her husband are about to adopt another child (they already have a son from Ethiopia) and now she says that she would love a curly-haired daughter this time, now that she knows how to take care of it!
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That's terrific! And I hope the adoption goes well for her!
that is so great! congrats to your sis on the hair and the new adoption!!
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That's great you made a swedish site! Congrats for your sister's hair.
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