curling you hair

I have read on here about people having to put a few curls in the front with a curling iron. How do you get that to work? I have a piece in the front that sometimes is straighter then the rest and have tried it but I can never get it to blend in with the rest. It is a small part right behind my bangs
I use a smaller barrel iron for that kinda section. One that is just a but smaller than my natural coils. That will take in to consideration the droop that happens when it cools down and gets tousled with daily activity. I personally use a 1/2 - 3/4 " iron I can't remember exactly.
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Yup, small barrell. I just add a ringlet, or just ringlet that end of the curl, whatever/where ever it's needed.
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I have used a curling iron but I just cant seem to get the curl to look like the other curls. Its sort of a straight curl i know that dont make sense but it just doesnt match the other ones. I know alot here use a curling iron on straight parts and I wish I could get it to work because sometimes I have to rewet my hair and blow dry it because of that whole front part

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