Hairspray when wet?

I went to get my haircut this WE and the stylist suggested using hairspray on wet hair to combat frizz. I remember reading about this awhile ago, I was wondering if anyone did this? My hair did look and feel fab when it was done!

I searched th board for "recommended hairsprays" and found a few that people wrote about. I want to know out of them all, which would be the best to use?

Spray gel does not work for me, I want to try a hairspray. I do wash my hair with poo every day.

i do this - it works wonders. i do this as the final step to my styling regimen. personally, i like a line called Tech Italy - their spray is incredible. Joico and Biolage make really good sprays as well.
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That is exactly how she said to do it. After the gel, while still wet, spray the hairspray, then diffuse.

I tired a Graham Webb one and my hair was very sticky, is Tech Itlaly like this?

Anyone else do this?
I have used hairspray when my hair is still damp but after diffusing. I like Joico Ice Hair Shaper. I may have to try this before diffusing.
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