coconut oil

Has anyone used coconut oil as a deep treatment? If so, how was it? Did it wash out easily? Did you mix it with anything else? How would you compare it to ojon? Thanks.
I can't compare it to anything..but I tried some for the first time a few days ago. I mixed it with my regular conditioner and left it on overnight. In the morning I did wash with no-sulfate poo which may have diminished the purpose of the oil...but my hair wasn't left greasey - just softer and with more shine.
It has also been known to elongate curls a little bit, so you should be aware of that.

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The night before I shampoo, I rub a small amount into my dry hair and put it in a bun. The next day I'll poo and condition as usual.
I feel like it's the only oil that my hair actually absorbs, as opposed to other oils that just seem to sit on my hair and make it feel coated.
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I use it sometimes, I'm giving it another go right now, a friend shared a small sample of good quality unrefined coconut oil. Today is day 2 of trying a little as a leave in, yesterday my hair looked fabulous, and that was the only change, today, still waiting on hair to dry.

someone on another board shared this interesting article on coconut oil a while back.

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