combing curl keeper into hair

The bottle says to comb through the hair for even application. I was just wondering does anybody do this? I would be afraid it would take the curl out of my hair, but then I guess if you scrunched gel in afterward maybe it would reverse the effects of combing the curl keeper in? Anyway, I've been scrunching in the curl keeper, but was wondering if I would get better results by combing it through. Thanks.
I do sometimes - not sure why I dont all the time - probably thinking in my head I should not be combing my hair!! I do think when I comb it through I get more 'even' hair if that makes any sense.
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Yes, I comb or rake the first couple of puddles in, then scrunch more in afterward...sounds counter-productive, but it works.
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I comb through once I have all my styling products in, then re-scrunch upside down. I thought it would pull out the curl, but instead it improves the clumping. I don't know why!
I just scrunch mine in very evenly. If I combed it through, I'd have NO clumping or definition.
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