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Ebayaholic 03-30-2005 06:51 PM

Proteins what do you think???
Just something that I have been thinking the last couple of weeks because it is so common to see "my hair hates proteins" around the board.

My hair seems to like them and not have a problem with them in anyway. Could this have something to do with routine or being a poo'er? I know eveyone has different hair but what's your opinion???

kimmyc 03-30-2005 06:58 PM

I voted for my hair hates them. When I color I do a couple protein treatments within the first month or so but, after that I really try to stay away from them. When I use alot of proteins my hair feels brittle and strawlike. Yuck!!

ETA: An example would be when I tried Ouidad's products. My hair felt like this all the time and it took me a while to figure out why. When I stopped using them I realized my hair felt and looked much better. Over time and joining here and reading, I realized it had to be all of the proteins.

mayim 03-30-2005 07:05 PM

My hair really hasn't seemed to react badly to proteins. I did have one Aubrey condish that had a lot of them in it, and it seemed not to be as moisturizing as others I'd tried, and so my hair seemed kinda dry and I didn't like it. But other than that, I've noticed no major problems with any products containing them.



mitabird 03-30-2005 08:07 PM

My hair generally hates them. I can use soy protein in small amounts, but other than that, no way.

laurabeth33 03-30-2005 08:20 PM

My hair curls really well for wheat proteins so I voted yes, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

jax3cats 03-30-2005 09:55 PM

My hair is color treated and porous, and it seems to be on it's best behavior when I feed it some protein. In the Fall I tried to do the CG routine, and coincidentally the conditoners that I used didn't have much, if any, protein in them. My hair never experienced that miraculous transformation that most people get when they are on CG. In fact, I think my hair actually got drier. A few months ago I did an Aphogee DT and my hair looked better than it's looked in about 6 months. After that, I decided to start using my Biolage conditioner (which also has some 'cones in it) and my hair seems to be on it's way to making a comeback. It curls a lot better and a bit more consistently all over my head, and the dry fuzzy patch in the back seems to be going away. As far as i'm concerned, proteins and 'cones are my friends :)

shorty448 03-30-2005 10:08 PM

Occasional use seems to make my hair look really pretty and curly, but as laurabeth said, there can very definitely be too much of a good thing. Overuse of protein leaves my hair looking really puffy and dry feeling, with lots of horrible tangles that are impossible to get out.

anonnymouse 03-30-2005 10:09 PM

From what I understand about proteins, if the hair is in not-so-great condition, the protein fills in the bad spots and makes hair seem healthier. If the hair is already in good condition, the protein just coats the hair, making it look dry, straw-like, etc.

Excuse my very basic explanation, it's all I can remember right now. But I think it can help explain why some hair responds well to proteins and some responds badly.

SuZen 03-31-2005 07:11 AM

I usually use protein DTs the first few weeks after getting highlights. But I have to be careful of styling products with proteins. I can't use that type of product several days in a row, or I get a dry feeling.

JoyForever 03-31-2005 08:17 AM

My shampoo has silk protein, my conditioner has milk protein. My hair loves it, eats it up. And I don't think my hair was all that damaged. I've never colored and rarely use heat, except a little bit with the diffuser.

Now what's the difference in effect between the smaller and larger proteins, again?

buttonphalanges 03-31-2005 11:59 AM

The jury is still out for me...I can't decide if my hair likes protiens or not. I use Citrus Smoothie for CO washes, and I use Suave Aloe Vera as a leave in. I've tried alternating which one I use for the washes and leave in, but it doesn't really seem to make a difference. I do use K-Pac as a DT, and I condition with the AV condish after, but all in all, I haven't really seen any effect of protiens on my hair.

dianet 03-31-2005 12:19 PM

actually my hair LOVES protein. and it's not really damaged at all (i have about four spots with some chunky highlights left, but the rest is all natural). here is my theory: i have fine, wavy hair, but with a fair amount of wave/curl to it. for me, i think the protein helps "boost" the fineness of my hair and give it the legs to keep the curl. at first, i tried to use jessicurl stuff and though i love the smells and would love to be able to use it, it leaves me a frizzy, barely defined mess. however, abba weightless gel does wonders. so does the herbal essence curl up mousse that has protein. i also use the trader joe's conditioner that has protein. i am just having a protein love fest basically.

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