Devachan trained sytlists in NJ?

Devacahn used to have a list of stylists in NJ who were trained in the Devachan cutting methods. I recently visited their website and could not find the list of salons or stylists. I went to deavhan in Jan but have not had my hair cut since. It was okay but I would rather find a good stylist in northern NJ that would not require me to take whole day of traveling to get to .

Any recommendations?



Last year I found Laboratory Hair Studio off the Devachan website...I too noticed that they removed their CurlCare consultants off their website.

Valerie has cut my hair for 1.5 years, and I have been SOO happy with them.
You have to be specific if you want a funky cut or not. People stop me all the time and ask about my hair.

Although it doesn't say on their website, they only use Devacurl products and use the Devachan cutting 'dry' method on curly hair.
I go to laboratory hair studios in Morristown as well. I go to Eric. He's the best. I've been to Deva trained stylists in St. Louis as well, but no one is as good as Eric. My sister goes to Valerie and loves her too though.
I see Eric too at Laboratory Hair Studio. He is amazing. He also does my color and I get so many compliments.
The people who work a the salon are lovely.
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What price is a hair cut with one of the deva trained stylists at Labratory? Thanks!
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Eric was - and I say was because he just got a promotion to senior stylist and I'm sure his prices increased - $65 for a cut. They have different levels of stylists so some are less.
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-Mohandas Gandhi
You might want to try the salon finder here?

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I can recommend a really good stylist in Bedminster, if you are in that area. Not Devachan trained, but follows many of the same techniques and is very good with curly hair. She can actually style curly hair really well, which is so unusual. PM me if you're interested.

I really liked Boca Salon and Spa on Route 130 North in North Brunswick. The owner is Deva certified, and charges $45.00. I haven't been going there consistently because of the distance (about an hour from my house) but I was very pleased with the salon.

I'm thinking of checking out Eric at the Lab. in Morristown...I've been seeing Jackie at Devachon for 3 years now, but the price of a haircut has turned INSANE (without color or buying stuff, i spent 190 bucks last time i was there with fee+ tips)...
Those of you who have gone to the lab. did you have color done there...if so, by who?
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my sister had highlights done there by Valerie. They look fantastic. Eric colored my hair back to natural once. He did a nice job also.
sounds just sealed the deal for me and i'll be making my appointment soon...

Is eric super booked (ie, do i have to make my appt. months in advance?)?
Super crazy uber thick, ringlets below, flat on top middle eastern hair
i usually don't have a problem getting an appointment. I usually make them a week or 2 in advance, though he's squeezed me in with one day notice in the past.
Hi, I also go to Eric at the Laboratory. He is very good. I get a single process too and the color is great. He really spends the time to make sure the color is what you are asking for. I have had a hard time booking with him so you should do it in advance. He does not work Saturdays, I think he is there Tues - Friday. I think the cut is around $65.00.

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