Q: How to keep ends moist when my hair hates oil

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Hello , I hope someone can help me on this

I tried olive oil, castor oil ,jojoba oil and now I finally found out that my hair simply doesn't like oil. I tried various things and it just does not work for me.

So I wanted to know how all you curlies (who don't use oils) keep your ends moisturized?? I do damp bunning at night ,but what else am I to do??

Do you mean your hair doesn't get conditioned with oil or that it doesn't work well for the curls? My hair loves oil as an over night treatment but hates it as part of styling- even a pea size amount left in will wreck my curls.
My hair doesn't like oils directly applied to the ends, and it certainly doesn't like oils on dry hair.

I have found that pomades/butters work great in my hair. I made a red plam butter/virgin coconut oil mixture that apply every night to slighly damp hair (that I've spritzed with my water/aloe based spritz). The combo works on my entire head, including my ends (which tend to be very dry).

Straight butters (avocado, red palm, coffee, olive, etc.) work well too.
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You could be using too much. I limit oil (castor) to a single 1/8" wide drop mixed with a few sprays of Devacurl Set it Free in palms. I then press/scrunch my hair with palms after hair is styled but still wet. This leaves an extremely thin film on the surface which keeps hair soft and moist when dry. I don't use oils otherwise except an occasional overnight treatment which gets washed out.

Two products I recently added to my line up are great at keeping my hair moisturized: SheaMoisture Shea Butter Leave-in, and Afro Detangler.
The SM leave-in I blend with aloe vera gel (it's pretty thick) and rake in wet hair as a leave-in. you can use with or without gel. The Afro Detangler is fabulous for detangling dry hair and spot curling (it encourages curls and twists). When dry it sinks right into the hair and is non-greasy (I have no idea where those butters/oils go). It sucks on my wet hair as it breaks up the curl. I have folders in my Fotki (www below) that show both these products on my hair. I can't say enough about both of these products. I only shampoo maybe 2 x a month; they easily wash out with a co-wash.

SM Leave-in ingredients
Shea Butter, Deionized Water, Herbal Complex, Panthenol, Centrimonium Chloride, Glycerin, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Butter, Jojoba OIl, Vitamin E.(despite the oils, this is a non-oily product)

Afro Detangler: water,avocado/mango/shea butter, vitamin E, avocado oil, almond oil, wheat germ oil, lecithin, green tea, germaben II, mild fragrance.

Okay, now that I've raved about my favorite products, here are some oil-free products that also help keep my hair moisturized -- Robert Craig Conditioner, John Masters Citrus & Neroli conditioner, Blended Beauty Cleasing Conditioning cream (it's a no-poo).
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Join Date: Jul 2005
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@wyldchildcurls: Yeah ,It works great in a treatment, but for styling. Noo way.

When I used oil I didn't use a drop. I always had a little puddle in my palm (2 0drops. This may be to much ,haven't thought about that. No w I only use Oil in my mister.

I will try butters .

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