Finally a good hair day!

I went CG over a year ago, and my hair was consistantly great for months! For the last few months though, it has been getting more and more difficult, and dissapointing, and gel just wouldn't keep a good hold. (The same gels that used to work great.) I could slop on the conditioner, and it was still such a chore just to get my hair untangled in the shower. I started to figured it was just from coloring my hair. (Although I was coloring my hair when I started CG too.) I did use a cheaper dye once though, and that is when my hair started acting up.

Anyway, today I used a rich conditioner from the dye I get. (I didn't dye my hair, I just found the tube when digging through my old products.) Wow, what a difference even in the shower. My hands glided through my hair! There is one cone in it, but it is the same cone as OneC. I have been using Suave and VO5 (I used to use Acitvate, but I ran out a while ago and just haven't been to Ulta to get any more.) I used to be able to get away with the cheap stuff, but I guess not anymore.

I haven't tried OneC yet, but I am going to Ulta next week to get some (along with the Activate that I know works on me.)

So here I was just really underconditoned the whole time. I couldn't figure it out, because gel wasn't holding (which tends to be a sign of overconditoning, right?) Today the gel held much better than it has been!

So anyway, today's pics are in my fokti.
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Hair looks great! I was just at Ulta a few hours ago and bought OneC, NoPoo and Angell. Oh, and a new Vidal Sassoon hair dryer with the open diffuser and direct blow thing. I've been wanting a dryer that had a cool blast - now I do!

I'm still using the trial package of Deva stuff I got at a curly girl party. I love them even though when I first used Angell a long time ago, it did nothing for me at all - I sold it on the swap board. Now, it works so much better and I think it's because of the OneC.

Just when I think I've slain the PJ monster, he rears his ugly head !
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Wow, your hair has grown quite a bit. I hear ya about the underconditioning. It can really deflate the curl.

Your daughters curls are so cute!
Kiva! Microfinance works.

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