Proclaim Olive Oil s&c

I was just looking at the new Sally's ad for September. On the back page there are some products w/ the brand name "Proclaim". Has anyone tried any of these, esp. the shampoo and conditioner? Didn't know if it might be comparable to the Regis OO line.

I started using the Proclaim Olive Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner this week. I really like it so far. The conditioner is very thick and detangling. It does have cones though. This does not bother me since I shampoo. I also love the smell!
Thank you Curly30 for the feedback! I am a shampooer too and can handle some cones (my hair actually likes them) so I am definitely going to stop by and get this tomorrow. I figure $8 for both products, why not?!?

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