my ends!!

My ends are so dry and I will be getting my hair cut next week. Is there any way to prevent my ends from getting so dry? my daily routine is
co-wash with Lavender Suave
then detangle my hair with Lavender Suave and leave it in for a while.
later rinse upside down
i use Lavender Suave as a leave in and Set Me UP as my gel
i wrap my hair in a towel and leave it there for five mintues
later i just let it hair dry.
any ideas whats making my ends dry?
add extra conditioner to ends.
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*Does it contain protein? Kreatin? If so you should maybe leave away protein for a while.

*Do you use Oil? SOme peoples hair doesn't like it ,but the main idea is to lock in moisture. You don'T need a whole lot ,a drop will do (Olive oil ,Jojoba)

*Does your Gel contain silicones? My favorite gel had silicones in it.Could be build up.You would need shampoo for that...

*I do a damp bun evernight and it has helped me so far.

*Maybe you overcondition.

Geez I really can't tell, but I hope this helped a liiiittle bit.
i was thinking the same thing, but i think its the lack of protien. my ends feel brittle not soft they are not poofy. well thank you for giving me ideas!
Maybe you need a richer conditioner for the ends than just a Suave conditioner?

Protein makes one brittle, but usually more than just the ends
Kiva! Microfinance works.

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When my ends feel really dry, I take about a teaspoon or so of olive oil and massage it into the ends (when my hair is slightly damp). Then I twist it into a pretty tight bun and tie a washcloth around it so my pillow doesn't get oily. That way I can sleep on it and let the moisture absorb into the ends.
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I agree you might need a richer conditioner. You can also try adding honey to your current condish and see if that helps.
Do you only CO-wash and you use only the Suave? You don't do a regular conditioning step, or do DT? The Suave and VO5 COs work for me only as a CO-wash. I don't find them to be conditioning at all. So I CO-wash with my VO5, do a real condition for a few minutes with something richer like TJ Nourish or Activate, and then I use more of same or another product as a leave-in. I also do DTs every few weeks that are full of rich stuff. You can rub some olive or coconut oil on your ends, too. You can do it before you go to bed & wash in the morning or you can put it on after your hair is clean and leave it in.
I'd guess you just need more conditioning, and probably throughout all your hair not only your ends. I doubt you need protein.
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I agree on the fact that you might need a richer conditioner
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I agree about trying a richer conditioner. I was using only Suave and VO5 for a while, but I recently tried the Original Aussie 3MM (once I left it on overnight), and that has helped a lot. I also oil my ends sometimes with coconut oil if I know I'm going to wet my hair the next day. (It's so easy for me to get too much.)
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