Curl Keeper

I feel so good today. As mentioned last week. I got my hair done at Curly Hair Solutions (Jonathan Torsh salon (hope that 's how you spell his name). I bough the shampoo, conditioner and the curl keeper.

I did on my own today. Although I don't have a diffuser . I will buy one soon. It is so simple and the products are good. I did not dry it completely (90%). For those who have not tried it I recommend it. It is much better than gel or mouse etc.

Has anyone else tried it.

If I can I will post a picture of what my hair looks like. My daughter will help me with this as I don't know how to do this.
Yeah, for a good hair day!
CK is must for a lot of curlies on here, esp. in the hot humid weather.
I have a bottle I got in a swap and can't wait to try it out.
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Experimenting with BRHG

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