Could you guys help me?

Could you let me know what my hair type is?

I found this site a few months ago. I know I should really wait until all my relaxed hair is gone, but as you can see even my relaxed hair is curly. I have had my hair relaxed since I was 9 and before that I had a "white girls perm" resulting an afro. I had a dramatic hair experience at the age of 5.

That's right ladies I have no idea what my natural hair looks like.

Until my natural hair grows in, could you let me know my hair type now?

The ends of my hair especially the hair underneath will roll coil into tight corkscrews you can see a few of them in the pics.

I would say 2C on the top and 3A on the bottom. Your hair looks really shiny and healthy!
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i dont think she wants us to type it since its relaxed right now

You have beautiful curls! I would suggest not relaxing, let your hair do its thing girl!
3B, I think....I do know it's red and curly!
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