ky vs astroglide

This just blew me away when I heard that this works on hair. I want to try it. Can anybody tell me how this works. Does it contain any of the BAD ingredients. I was using arcangell and it made my hair feel like straw. So I need something to use that is cheaper in price because I'm getting cheap in my old age. lol
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Fellow cheapy here. It has no bad ingredients and is almost identical to a product called curl keeper. Curl Keeper is expensive, I'm cheap. So I was all over this suggestion like white on rice.

I bought the store brand of KY, used alone, and wow. Great curl formation. Still some frizz, and no hold, but it did help with curl formation. And WAAAAY easier on my wallet, not to mention accessible.

8 oz $14.00 Ingredients: DI Water, PVP/VA Copolymer, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Laureth 23, Glycerin, DMDM Hydantoin, Fragrance, Polyquaternium 10.

Equate 4 oz. $1.97 The equate version I bought seems to be exactly the same and is only missing the PP/VA Copolymer. I would use a gel containing that afterward for my hold, I guess. It's cheap, and multi-tasks , so give it a whirl.
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I can't help but admit I kind of want to try this. But seems kinda weird. Although, I have a Grocery Outlet down the street from me and they sell a 5oz. bottle for like $4.99

We'll see.
Before I moved to Galveston, I preferred using KY for my hair and Astroglide for its intended purposes. I'm starting to prefer the latter for both, though. I like its runny consistency, as it makes it really easy to distribute through my hair. I get awesome curl formation with both.
Okay.... I have to ask..... When do you put the stuff in your hair? Is it while wet, before styling? This sounds totally crazy to me... but if you all swear it works, I will try it.
3A/3B I think...
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I use it the same way I used to use CK. I put it in my hair while it's very wet. I've used it both under gel and with leave-in before, and both ways seem to work pretty well. Be cautioned that it doesn't play nicely with styling creams like Curls Rock, or other oily, silicone-laden creams. When you mix them, you get boogery, white curds from product separation. These little curds are hell to get out of your hair, so be sure and test-mix before applying any combination of products to your hair.
Thanks! I will try it tomorrow!
3A/3B I think...
Modified CG: cowash Suave Berry Smoothie or Toasted Vanilla, cond TRESemme Vitamin E Moisture rich (I leave some in), Loreal Studio melting gel, Aussie sprunch to finish
So what exactly does it do for your hair? Make it clump more or be less frizzy or what?
I'm always interested in cheap alternatives.
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I mostly use it for it's promotion of clumping and frizz control. I do find that it enhances my curls somewhat due to its humectant properties. Most of the curl-enhancing effects are due to increased clumping, though. None of you asked, but I only switched to Astroglide because I ran out of KY.
I haven't used this in a couple of years - b/c I haven't bothered to replace my stash that I only used for hair anyway.

Maybe I should go back to it. I'm having trouble w/ every product making my hair dry and producty, and I hate that. Even CK is making my hair feel dry. I bought the Flat Iron Finish since it was so simliar to CK and cone free, but this is making my hair feel dry as well!! It's really driving me crazy. Lately the only thing I like to put in it is Curl FX activator, which has cones.
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