Hi everyone!

I haven't been on the boards for almost a year. About 2 years ago my 2C/3A hair started becoming straighter. I tired so many products and spent so much money trying to find a product and a hair cut that would help encourage the curl I came to love so much. I even permed my hair. After my perm grew out, I finally put the idea of curly hair to bed and began to straighten my hair. I could not find a solution for why my hair was becoming straighter, so I decided to stop fighting it. The only thing that I could think of was that it might be my birth control pills that were making my hair straight, but there was no way I was going to stop taking them. In January of this year, now this is getting a bit personal, my OB/GYN suggested that I try an IUD instead of the pill because I was having a hard time remembering to take the pill, and I didn't do well on the patch. As months went by, my hair was getting more difficult to straighten. So, last week I decided to pull out pink Boots from my hair stash (just in case my curly hair came back), put it on towel dried hair and let it air dry. I ended up with 2B/2C hair! I am so excited! I definitely think that my BCPs were making my hair straight. I could be wrong, but as least I have my hair back!
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Yay! Glad to have you and your curls back!

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