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Are Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Cones? I thought I read that on a post here. But I thought they were a kind of detergent/cleaning agent in shampoos. A stylist told me that most cheaper shampoos have basically salt and water as main ingredients. What do y'all think?
No, sulfates aren't cones. Sulfates are the detergents required to remove cones. Since some people (myself included) find sulfates to harsh on our hair and/or scalp, we avoid all or most cones since the cones would build up on our hair w/o using sulfates. HTH!
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Sulfates are supposed to be used on the scalp only to keep the scalp clean.
I use it ,because I need to get rid of dirt of my scalp. Sulfates can be also found in facial cleansers.
Yes, sulfates are in most shampoos and facial cleansers. Those who find them too harsh (like me) use alternatives that are more gentle, such as conditioner washing or using milder cleansers. These alternatives still remove dirt, but will not remove cones.
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