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Vaneda 09-08-2007 07:51 PM

Stubborn spot that won't curl
I think I solved an ongoing problem I have had with a "problem area" that refused to curl!

The hair at the nape of my neck is (was) very resistant to curling. The canopy and sides of my hair wave and curl up nicely, but the "underneath" of my hair has been an absolute nightmare for me. (When I say underneath hair I am talking about the hair on the back of my head, from the top/middle of my ears down.) It is almost like the hair back there doesn't "match" the rest of my head! I have tried curl enhancers (recoil, RR, any other activator you can think of), hot rollers, curling get the picture.

Well a few days ago I gave up and suggested to my hairdresser that we perm just the little bit underneath. She used maybe 6 LARGE rods (so as to match the rest of my wave/curl pattern) and left the perm solution on for 10-15 minutes.

Like magic the underneath now "matches" the rest of my head.

I was *terrified* to try perming - the last perm I had was 20+ years ago and a total nightmare - left my hair a damaged, straw-like mess. This perm was nothing like that at all.

I am not sure I would be up to perming my entire head of hair (and because the rest of my hair curls nicely I have no desire to do so) but for a small problem area like I had it worked beautifully!

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