Odd situation- what to do? =(

Lately, I've been having bad hair days from using Pantene Pro-V's curl mousse for about a week. Although I had great results with it at first, my hair feels dried out with less-defined waves and not as soft as before.

To combat this, I shampooed my scalp with Catwalk Oatmeal and Honey as usual, lemon-aid rinsed then mixed a concoction of about one tsp. of coconut oil and a tsp. of shea butter and mixed it with my conditioner (Suave Fresh Mountain Strawberry) as needed. My hair turned out better with gel than mousse with this routine, but it still feels drier and not as soft as it was about a week ago (when I just used Suave to condition).

Do I need to clarify with a sulfate/disodium EDTA containing shampoo (Suave Lavender)? I have hard water, and my hair doesn't mind a harsh shampoo after the beach. Or should I just continue using shea butter and coconut oil in hopes that my hair will be healthy-looking and soft again? Regardless of what I choose, I'm not going to use this mousse again for a long time.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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I know what I would do. After using too much products on my hair and experimenting with silicones ,my hair felt and looked like straw.
So I decided to do a hot oil treatment and clarify by using a shampoo and my hair felt muuch better again.

I would recommend clarifying and doing a deep treatment (doesn't have to be oil)
Thank you!

I haven't experimented with silicones lately, but my mousse had polyquaternium-4 so that might have irritated my hair. The frizz was so stubborn at times that Devacurl Set it Free didn't help much. Hopefully some sulfates and and a DT will help.
2a/M-C/ii hair. Super long.

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