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CurlsAloud 09-09-2007 06:30 AM

I've forgotten how to be curly!
For the last year or so I've had a 'non-curly' hair cut - I had a choppy crop last year which was pretty much wash, towel dry and run some moulding mud through. Then as it grew out, I had a razored bob and I've been staightening - kind of like this Kylie shot

Now its growing out I'm left with a mess - I'm a 2c usually and I'm struggling with my curls. I just don't know how to take care of them anymore. I've been using gel (I have two different ones, one is too firm the other too blah) to style, but I end up with a sticky straw like mess of nothing on my head. It looks so awful I'm tempted to go for a crop again.

I could do with some tips on how to become a curly again!

CurlsAloud 09-09-2007 11:37 AM

No one got any advice? I'm really losing my curly way....... :laughing9:

I just got back from Boots and I picked up the LOOB that seems to get good reviews round here. I'll let you know how it goes. So fed up at the moment though my hair looks dreadful :thumbdown: :crybaby:

hmkenny 09-09-2007 11:48 AM

Why not start fresh and go CG? Just stick with the basic CG routine, let your hair recover a bit and be patient with your hair. Don't go for a perfect hair day, rather, just think of taking good care of your hair. If you were a 3B and your hair is short and layered, it shouldn't take long for your curls to come out of hiding. :) Good luck with it and keep us posted with your progress.

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