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itsjustmeghan 05-20-2005 01:42 PM

forget this post!
i got an error on my poll...trying again...sorry

mayim 05-20-2005 01:50 PM

tee hee!

:lol: :wink:

curly_princess 05-20-2005 01:56 PM

What do you mean by a combo?

I diffuse and can't imagine not diffusing as my hair is flat and less curly without it. I diffuse after 20 minutes out of the shower for about 10 minutes, wait another 10-15 and diffuse again for 5-10 minutes. Is that what you mean by a combo, as I take a break to let my hair airdry?

I diffuse with my head upside down; I kind of flip it more to one side of my head and diffuse all my hair and then tilt (haha! the other word I tried to use was bleeped out) my head over to the other side and diffuse all again (if that makes any sense). I only turn my diffuser on once it's up against my head, and then off before I bring it down. I divide my hair up into about 7 sections with the diffuser, 3 on each side of my head, and then the top, front layer (when I'm upside down). I never hold the diffuser on a section of hair for a certain time... I just kinda stop when I feel like - maybe 20 seconds, maybe 50.

Hope that makes some sense.

curly_princess 05-20-2005 01:58 PM

Re: forget this post!

Originally Posted by itsjustmeghan
i got an error on my poll...trying again...sorry

Well fine then!

:( :lol:

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