View Poll Results: how do you dry your hair?
Diffuser! all the way! 17 29.31%
Air dry these fine tresses! 24 41.38%
Little from column A, little from column B! 17 29.31%
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Poll: Hair Dryer? or Air Dryer?

I also diffuse all the way. If I don't, my hair is limp and lifeless.
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If I want an afro puff for that day I blowdry with a comb attachment (I do this about once every 6 months)

If I want my hair curly I let it airdry...whcih is 99% of the time
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I do both. I usually put my hair up in a microfiber towel to soak out most of the water, apply whatever product/s, diffuse at the roots for a couple minutes, then air dry the rest of the way.
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I airdry all the time. I dont even own a blow drier. I have never had a problem with lifeless hair, so I dont know how I get my full volume even in the Nevada desert. I live in Italy now so the killer humidity is the only thing I will miss when I go home. My hair just kinda dries and its full even at the scalp. Sometimes I think its too big but then again, its origional. It may not be perfect curls but I think the tousled, just woke up look is really making a come back! I swear
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Air dry 50%. Diffuse for a bit, then put on nozzle attachment and direct air at the roots for some extra kick. If I let it airdry all the way, the water pulls down on my thin fine hair and makes it flat on top and a pyramid on the bottom.
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What do you find keeps your hair the flattest? I don't own a diffuser but I do have a hooded dryer. I usually air dry, but I feel like my hair inflates because of it.
Originally Posted by omnigirl
The hooded dryer keeps mine the flattest.
I find that my drying methods are changing as I get more regrowth and use different products.
Airdrying my freshly texturized hair made it really, really frizzy, but now it can handle it a bit better, so I guess my natural hair doesn't mind it as much. Diffusing usually gives me very big hair. The hooded dryer splits the difference - it's more gentle like airdrying when set on cool, but it does keep the hair flatter than straight air drying.
Up till now, I've been alternating air drying and heat drying either with the hooded dryer, the diffuser, or both. I towel dry, airdry for a while and then start using a dryer.
The real key for me for helping my hair dry the best is to not touch it at all while drying once I have applied conditioner or product or whatever. Absolutely no scrunching, fluffing etc.
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I'm another combo-dryer! I have to diffuse or my hair is flat, not to mention still wet when I have to be at work. But I let it air the last little bit. There was an earlier thread about diffuser techniques (by the way, my husband, who shaves his head, thinks it's quite amusing that I get so excited about diffuser-technique threads) that was really helpful! Thank you to the person on that thread recommended holding the diffuser against your head in sections to cut down on frizziness...that has made a world of difference for me!
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If I don't diffuse, my hair is very flat on top and more wavy than curly. I really only have curls at the nape of my neck without diffusing, but with the use of a diffuser I have bouncy curls with volume! Also, my halo frizz seems to disapper as my hair is being diffused. It definitely looks better when I diffuse!!!
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