View Poll Results: how do you dry your hair?
Diffuser! all the way! 17 29.31%
Air dry these fine tresses! 24 41.38%
Little from column A, little from column B! 17 29.31%
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Poll: Hair Dryer? or Air Dryer?

so do you use a hair dryer? or are you an air dryer?
just want to know your drying routines!
i'm currently a partial hair dryer, but i think i'm going to go back to air drying, like in the days of old!

please post your routines!
oh! and sell me on why your way is the BEST way!
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I don't get very good curl formation or volume if I air dry. Diffusing is key for me to get my hair the way I like it. Plus, it takes like 5 hours to dry all the way if I air dry.
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Curlyprincess said this on the origional thread...the poll thing broke, so i had to here's what she said! (sorry curlyprincess!)

What do you mean by a combo?

I diffuse and can't imagine not diffusing as my hair is flat and less curly without it. I diffuse after 20 minutes out of the shower for about 10 minutes, wait another 10-15 and diffuse again for 5-10 minutes. Is that what you mean by a combo, as I take a break to let my hair airdry?

I diffuse with my head upside down; I kind of flip it more to one side of my head and diffuse all my hair and then tilt (haha! the other word I tried to use was bleeped out) my head over to the other side and diffuse all again (if that makes any sense). I only turn my diffuser on once it's up against my head, and then off before I bring it down. I divide my hair up into about 7 sections with the diffuser, 3 on each side of my head, and then the top, front layer (when I'm upside down). I never hold the diffuser on a section of hair for a certain time... I just kinda stop when I feel like - maybe 20 seconds, maybe 50.

Hope that makes some sense.
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3A Once again on the quest for BSL healthy curly hair....
I chose diffusing all the way. Though if it's a lazy Sunday, for example and I know I'm going to stay low key all day and don't need to go anywhere in particular, I might air dry. But I'm with Jessicurl. To get the look I really like and want, I need a diffuser.

I don't diffuse until 100% dry, probably 85% and so I guess there's a little bit of air drying involved (and since I've now qualified my answer twice, maybe I should change my vote ).

I use the pixiecurl method.
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I always air dry my hair. Can't remember the last time I diffused...

I have to diffuse also, otherwise my hair just looks wavy in some parts.
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Hehe, thanks meghan! I hadn't gotten around to copying and pasting that onto this thread yet.

Diffusing is one of the most vital steps in doing my hair - I love love love it! I have no volume whatsoever if I air dry and I don't want to leave the house with wet hair anyways.

ETA: Welcome to NC desertcurly! I'm also a desert curly in the grand state of Arizona. My hair hates the dry air, but I still love my state.
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if i have time i let my hair air dry. i get less frizz that way. but it takes hours and hours--yesterday i washed my hair at 4 p.m., and at 10 p.m. i had to break out the hair dryer to finish drying it. so what usually happens is i do both. i let it air dry for as long as i can, then i use the diffuser. i flip my head over for a while, but only at the beginning or i get too much volume. lately i've been trying to dry from underneath my hair (another technique to cut down on frizz). with my head upright i lean to the side and position the diffuser on the underside of my hair rather than at the ends or on the top.

good thread idea
I like to air dry if I am hanging round the house for long enough, it turns out OK if I keep flipping my head over & scrunching to get the volume. But I like a little fluffiness I get with diffusing, the wet look doesn't suit me. Tend to diffuse then maybe go have cuppa t then diffuse a bit more, have breakfast, diffuse a bit more....
So have to go with diffusing, also really don't like going out with wet hair.
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Even though it takes my hair around 6 hours to air dry I lve the results. Maybe I will by a diffuser just to see if I like that better
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I normally would just air-dry, but for the past month or so, I've been experimenting with my diffuser. I diffuse for maybe 15 minutes(give or take a few minutes), and then let my hair air dry.
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I diffuse because my hair just comes out flat against my skull if I air-dry. Not to mention the fact that it takes HOURS and HOURS to dry on its own.

I'm just curious: Those of you who air-dry.. do you wash in the morning and walk around all day with wet hair or wash at night and let it dry while you're asleep?
I air dry.

It doesn't take all that long for my hair to dry - I'd say about two hours.

I've never owned a hair dryer, but maybe I should give a diffuser a shot and see what happens when I use it.
My answer is a lot like Athena's Owl.. and I only recently bought a hairdryer to assist with at home deep treatment with heat.

I like the results that I get with airdrying and I like not using heat on my hair.
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It depends for me. I mostly airdry because I don't like to use too much heat on my hair. If I'm going somewhere special, I will airdry mostly and maybe diffuse for about 3-4 minutes to get more volume. Other than that I usually airdry my hair. I do notice with diffusing my hair gets lots more volume, but if I flip my hair over and run fingers thru roots after hair has airdried, I usually get lots of volume this way also. I guess main thing for me is the less heat I use on my hair, the better. So on days when I don't have any place special to go, I just airdry, (or wear hair in a braid or pulled back).
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I'm an AZ curly too! It's definitely challenging trying to style your hair curly when it's so hot outside. I diffused my hair today and I ended up looking like a lion's mane because I didn't leave it partially dry. :-) How do you girls that air dry your hair get enough volume? I still haven't figured that part out yet.
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i mostly air dry, and sometimes diffuse on the weekends. i wake up early and shower first thing, then take my time getting ready otherwise so my hair gets as dry as possible while i'm still home. then when i get to work my hair dries the rest of the way within the first hour or two. i don't like showing up with wet hair and i wouldn't if i had to work with the public (all my client interaction is over the phone) but i'm too lazy too diffuse every day and prefer to avoid the damage.

on the weekends if i'm going somewhere where i care how i look, i usually diffuse a bit, but not 100%. it gets frizzier than airdrying at first, but once it's totally dry and scrunched, it looks good.
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I voted both-- I air dry a bit, then diffuse a while, then air dry the rest of the way. I tend to diffuse the front and right side more to encourage the curls to match the rest. I usually let the back air dry mostly as it doesn't need encouraging. Oh, the woes of a mixed head of curls.

I also find it helps to diffuse the scalp upside down so it doesn't go flat.

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What do you find keeps your hair the flattest? I don't own a diffuser but I do have a hooded dryer. I usually air dry, but I feel like my hair inflates because of it.
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I'm just curious: Those of you who air-dry.. do you wash in the morning and walk around all day with wet hair or wash at night and let it dry while you're asleep?
Originally Posted by SoLastSunday152
I shower in the morning, I just can't go to bed with wet hair and look good in the morning. My hair takes about 2-3 hours to dry all the way I think. Seems like the last drying part takes the longest, so my hair isn't very wet for that long. Just a little moist kinda. I just go to work, or what ever I am doing, that way.

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