Ouidad in NYC

I have naturally curly/wavy hair - the length is mid-back.
I used to go to Christo in NYC, but my stylist left (Robert) and he didn't give a fowarding address.

I'm thinking of going to Ouidad in NYC and going to Vincent.

Does anyone have any comments or other suggestions?
I went to Ouidad for years, but will not go back. They cut your hair using their famous "carve and slice" method, which sounds nice, but it is really just THINNING your hair. You know, thinning, the type of cut that leaves all sorts of little short hairs amongst the long hairs. Which works out perfectly for them, because then you have to buy their styling gel by the vat (and use alot of it each time), because if you don't use it, all the little ends make frizzies. Can you tell I am OFF Ouidad?

Anyway, if you are in NYC, try Devachan. I've gotten great haircuts there, although I think their products are just awful, notwithstanding all the happy buzz about CurlyGirl and no shampooing on this site. For my money (and it's alot, $130 last April for a mere stylist!), I'd get a Devachan cut. It grows in really well, too, holds its shape.

Apologies to all who love Ouidad and the CurlyGirl regimen!
Suburban DC area.
Hi PurpleRoses,
Robert is at Devechan.
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