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A lot of people use CK (curl keeper) by this company, has anyone tried their gel? How is it? How is the hold? Any feedback greatly appreciated.
I got a small sample bottle, and I feel it's not worth the money. It had "eh" hold and I got frizz. My cheap Suave works much better. But I love the CK.

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It's a very mediocre gel.
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I didnt like it either I got a small sample and havent even used half of it. I just cant really tell it does anything
I just received my sample pack yesterday that included Curl Keeper and the gel (along with a couple of other items).

Today was my first day using Curl Keeper!!!!!! Unfortunately, I used the gel too and my hair feels gross. Very dry, brittle.

I can't wait to try the Curl Keeper on its own because my hair felt really nice when I just had this in my hair. I had to ruin it with the gel!!!!
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I actually really like it. It doesn't smell as good as Angell but it gives pretty good hold and is water re-activated so it's good for 2nd day/late day hair.
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