Hey curlies;

I'm curious if there is anybody out there that is here in the Houston, Tx. area, who knows of a GOOD curly-experienced hairstylist. I can't seem to find ANYone who works with curly hair. For a while, I was flying out to the OUIDAD salon in NYC, because she has that 'carve and slice' method for cutting curls. I wasn't too sure that I liked it, then one day, in a salon, the manager was helping my stylist straighten my hair, and she noticed that it had been sliced. She told me to NEVER EVER let anyone do that to my hair. I was in shock, and also a little upset, because what was done was done. With the humidity down here in Houston, I just don't know what to do anymore. I am frustrated... And there anyone who uses the jessicurl products? I did actually use the OUIDAD stuff for a while, but it didn't do any good, and my hair felt dirty. I'm still in a little 'shock and awe' mode, seeing as how I've just learned that we shouldn't use shampoo in our curly hair.
Ideas/tips/suggestions, anyone??
You can try looking for a salon on this site.

Good luck - it is a lot to take in!
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Oh that's terrible. You need to find a deva trained stylist to fix the carve and slice done to your hair and make it fantastic!!!

Deva cuts are the way to go with curly hair. Lot's of people here ( get them. Hopefully one will be in your area, or somewhere you can go.
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Do you like your Ouidad cut? Thats all that really matters. If not try getting a Devacut... they're great for curlies.
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