Questions for B&A gel users/lovers!!!

WOW! I had some of this stashed in the back of my closet, just enough for one use, and I think I am back in love with it. Not sure why I stopped using it.... maybe the weather or just simply that I ran out. My curls look amazing. I do think I need to use something else with it though. Nothing crazy maybe just something with a tiny bit of hold, maybe a leave-in or something.... so here is my major question:

1. what is your routine when using B&A gel, your poo/condish and other styling products??

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I have some that Lushaholic sent me ages ago - speaking of Lush, I must bump her thread - and when I use it, I co-wash and condition as usual, add a little bit of Re:coil, then the B&A. I think that's how Lush as well as some other curlies use it .
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I used to always use it over recoil, but lately my hair and recoil haven't been getting along for some reason. I've had good results using B&A over CK, Aveda Be Curly, a little bit of pink boots, or just about any leave-in.
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