Any curlies out there using hairspray?? I haven't seen any posts referring to this unless I've completely missed them. The one I'm currently using has phenyl trimethicone, which I believe is a "no-no".
Has anyone found a CG friendly hairspray they like??

3A (I think)

Loving my curls after all these years -- but still trying to figure out what works for me...
I use hairspray. I buy the 'good stuff' that is water soluable from the Salon. It does dry my scalp and hair, but I haven't had problems with build up doing co-washes and/or low poo. I wish I didn't have to use it, but it's the only way I can keep my volume.

Interested in what other info other curlies have.
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I also use hairspray - not all the time but when I want it to 'stay' I do. I use Joico - i love the smell of it and it's not sticky or hard looking. I have not had any issues getting it out with loo poo or co-washining.
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2happy - so what hairspray are you using? I've given up my hairspray and kinda miss it.. I love the way it keeps my curls full BUT, I don't want the buildup.
I use Aussie Sprunch Spray. I have also heard that Dove makes a hairspray that is CG safe.
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I don't feel the need to use hairspray much anymore, because my hair has become much more manageable and healthy after I started CG. Because most hairspray is loaded w/ drying alcohols I don't want to undo all my progress. however I do still use it for special occasions. I use Bed Head Maxxed Out. It works so well when I want to maintain my look but have it still feel and look soft. I haven't found any cheaper brands that work as well as of yet.

2c?/low-med porosity/medium texture
Summer Routine
Co-wash: TJ's TTT condish
Low-Po: SheaMoisture marine complex
Condish: SheaMoisture marine complex
LI: Giovanni Direct
Stylers: Mop Top curling Custard, Curls Gel-Les'C & Biotera gel, BWC spray gel as finisher
Refresh w/: LUSH R&B
DT: Shea Moisture Superfruit 10-in-1 masque, Giovanni Nutrafix reconstuctor, jojoba & argan oils
I've used Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray for ..............probably 18 years. Recently I bought Redken forceful 23, and liked it, but my new fave is Tri HairCare AeroGel. It says "it has the flexibility of a gel and the control of a spray fixative. True. PM F&S was great when I straightened my hair, but I don't need that much hold anymore!

They are all drying, of course, and don't leave my hair as touchable as I wish, but like I said, I need it to hold up the crown hair : (
Handle every stressful situation like a dog. If you can't eat it or hump it.....Piss on it and walk away.
Location - WI

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