View Poll Results: How often do you get tangles in your hair?
Very often. 26 66.67%
Now and then. 6 15.38%
Never. 7 17.95%
Voters: 39. You may not vote on this poll


It sounds like some or most get tangles in their hair now and then. Some often. Luckely I don't ever get any.
What about you? How common is this?

I only get tangles when I comb dry. Now that I've gone natural, I only comb when wet with conditioner, and the tangles fall right out.
3c/3b, fine-med strands, dry and porous, cottony/silky mix My goal: healthy, BSL curls.
My hair journal:
The back of my hair, at the nape of my neck, *always* tangles up. Its not as bad tho, since I went shampooless. But it still happens.
mine is mostly if i use too much styling product..or if i'm out in the wind too much. and it's basically that top patch in the back...but if i use a leave in? and not too much product? no problem!
3A Once again on the quest for BSL healthy curly hair....
I have tangles all the time. I comb my hair and within minutes it will tangle again. I comb twice a day so they at least don't pile up.
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havent had that problem yet, I currently have less than an inch of hair

natural since 6/05
I get a lot of tangles, mostly on the back in the nape area too. I also get those little knots in one strand of hair, those are bad cause they cause the hair to break.
Long layers, past BSL
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Since doing the CG routine, tangles are a thing of the past!
3b/c CG routine
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24/7 It's usually just small ones, but lots of them. The stylists always mention them too. I think they are surprised, because my hair looks rather soft, but then when they start to rinse it out they notice them. But yeah, they're much better than before I started CG.
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07
I get tangles when I play with my hair...which is very often
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I have very tangle prone hair and usually conditioner doesn't get all of them out.
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24/7 It's usually just small ones, but lots of them. The stylists always mention them too. I think they are surprised, because my hair looks rather soft, but then when they start to rinse it out they notice them. But yeah, they're much better than before I started CG.
Originally Posted by lushaholic
Yes, your hair looks so soft and shiny that it is rather surprising. I know you often mention having problems with them though.

supertangly hair.

my old stylist told me that it was a symptom of my hair's texture - superfine hair is prone to it.
I don't get many tangles now that I sleep on satin pillowcases and condition my hair regularly/keep it well-moisturized. When I got them before, it was mostly in the back/nape area like others have posted.

So, I voted in the middle category.
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Yep, I sleep on the satin pillowcase and wear my hair up in a pineapple at night, you name it - I do it. But I guess I have to accept that I will never be completely tangle-free. Sure, if I took a wide-toothed comb through my hair while I've got conditioner in it, or finger comb through it, then I will 'temporarily' be detangled. But that only lasts a few minutes, and I really don't want to disturb my curls with all that combing. But again, it is soooo much better since I've been doing CG. I don't even want to remember how it was before, because it was something awful.
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07
I said "very often" because without condioner, my hair would not stand a chance. Even with condish, if my hair is loose, I will get slight tangles at the ends. I am hoping that will improve when it gets longer and I decide to do better (length) trims.
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I don't get tangles either. I used to get them when my hair was long (BSL), but now that it is short and layered, I never get them.
Type 3a/3b, fine/medium hair, modified CG since 12/2003, Using CHS Curl Keeper, Bioterra gel, Ojon, Elucence Password: curls[U][COLOR=#fe840d]
No more tangles since starting CG and using the satin pillowcases. The cases really help. I bought one to start, but I would slip off of it in the middle of the night and wound up sleeping on my mattress so I bought a second one!!

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