Great stylist in New Haven, CT

Hello all,

I've been a long time lurker on the boards, and recently had the opportunity to finally! make an appointment with a Deva trained stylist. I live in North Eastern CT but often work in New Haven, and when I stumbled upon Dickie from The Workshop on Chapel St. Wow. I called and he was able to see me that day for a last minute appointment. He walked me through everything he was doing with the cut, and then Nancy took over for the wash/styling part. I had not been a fan of AnGell up until that point. Well, that's because I was using it all wrong. I am amazed at how much you actually should use. Yet there's no buildup! I'm thrilled with my haircut and the service - second to none. Dickie even called me today to see if I was satisfied and extended the offer for me to stop by anytime with questions about the products, etc. I would recommend these guys to anyone - in fact, I'm bringing my mom there as soon as we can schedule a good time for both of us! Just wanted to give props to the salon for a great job.

Cheers my curly friends,

i'm gonna have to check this guy out!!!
jo bruno is also a fabulous, deva-trained stylist on whitney ave.! how lucky are we to have two in the same area?

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