MORE cone confusion, help!

Hello everyone,
This whole 'cone thing is making me crazy. i have a conditioner I want to try but it has cyclomethicone. According to the curly chemist chart this can be removed by condish washing. So it seems like it would be okay since it will be removed with cowash and not build up????? Is that right or am i more confused than i even thought....

Some 'cone expert please come out and help.....

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Yes, I would like to understand as well. If cyclomethicone can be removed with conditioner washing, then why am I avoiding the cone in the first place? Cones are huge frizz reducers.
I thought this was a cone that at least a low sulfate shampoo would have to be used to remove it. Maybe it just depends on your hair. I know for some people the A-cone is easily removed with just co-washing, but not for me. I'm sure someone with more cone expertise will chime in soon. - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
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If it's not water soluble, I won't try it. Cones are way too confusing, along with the fact that everyone's hair is different.
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Also, what would be the common ingredient in all conditioners that would justify making a statement that certain cones could be removed by conditioner washing? Is the common ingredient water?

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