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This is going to sound very, very dumb, but as I have never used a wet-look gel, I have to ask.

1) If you let your hair air dry with a wet look gel, does it look wet, or just very shiny?, and

2) If you use a diffuser, would you still get a wet look?, and

3) lastly, if your wet-look gel leaves your hair crunchy, and you scrunch out the crunch, what does that do to your wet look?

Sorry, but I saw LA Looks Wet-Look Gel today in CVS. I didn't buy it because I am oh so confused at this point, but I wanted to get some info on the wet look in general, as well as the LA Looks Wet-Look Gel, if anyone has tried that one specifically. Thank You In Advance
I was also a little apprehensive when I first bought LA Looks' "Wet Look" gel. However, I soon discovered that it doesn't give me a wet look at ALL (this is a good thing!). I think you have to use a lot of it to get the wet look, and I use between a dime- and nickel-sized blob. I've never had it dry to a crunch, either. It's good stuff! It has been about six months and I'm only halfway through the bottle. At $2.29, that was a great deal!
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I am currently using this gel. =]
1) Neither. Just kindof has a sheen to it.

2) I don't know, I don't use blowdryers.

3) It doesn't leave my hair really crunchy at all, but defined. Scrunching out the crunch for me will give me bigger hair, and I don't like that.
It isn't the best gel I've tried, but not the worst. I'm just not a fan of LA looks.
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