The WORST products you've ever used!

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I have to go with the Matrix curl line and Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Creme. Of course these were probably the most expensive stuff I tried and I hated them both. Made my hair just plain yucky! My daughter, who is a 2a, uses both and they work well in her hair. She also loves Mane and Tail conditioner (another hated condish here.) So, I have always chalked it up to her being a wavy.
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OMG--this was MANY eons ago, when, as an adolescent I was on my neverending quest for decent-looking hair and didn't know that curlies could NOT use the same shampoos/products as straighties:

Pert Plus!! (For bouncin' and behavin' hair!) UGH!!!!!!!!! lol
and Prell (ick! FRIZZZZZZ!!!)

Also, anything from the John Frieda Frizz-Ease line and

Miss Jessie's Curly Hair Pudding (ugh--smelled like rancid grape gum and left my hair wet, cold and sticky)it was sooo expensive too!

Also, I am sorry to admit, but BRHG made my hair a stringy, sticky mess!
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Re:Coil - I sooooo wanted to like it but it made my hair nasty and sticky and limp

Anything John Freida

Fantasia IC Gel in any color

Pink Boots

Mane 'n Tail Conditioner

Deva Care One C - Another one I really wanted to love but it made my hair frizzy yet limp

All Pantene Conditioners

B2B Pom Conditioner - made my hair feel dry

GF Leave In

GF Soft Curl Cream
3C, BSL Unstretched -
John Freida Frizz Ease!!!!

Originally Posted by Confusedcurl

ITA with this. This was one of the first hair products I tried besides shampoo and condish, and it left me with awful, greasy hair.
John Freida Frizz Ease!!!!

Originally Posted by Confusedcurl

ITA with this. This was one of the first hair products I tried besides shampoo and condish, and it left me with awful, greasy hair.
Originally Posted by CurlyGina2

Their curly condish was horrible too.
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tigi catwalk curls rock

it gave me nice curls, yeah, but if there some extra product in your hair, it dries white and then people are like "what's in your hair?" all day.
Okay, I just looked under my sink:

Alagio Crazy Curls Cream and also Conditioner

Alagio Hydrating Conditioner

Just plain wrong!!!
3C, BSL Unstretched -
Hmm...where to begin haha.
Suave "healthy curls" all but murdered my hair. My curls turned into hard straw when I used it.
I know a lot of people here like it, but HE TT made my scalp itch like crazy and my hair went limp.
Got2b spray gel and curl cream (in the green bottles, I forget what they're called) were just terrible. The 'gel' was like scented water and the cream felt like glue in my hair.
There's more, trust me, but I just chose to forget about them =)

Oh, and GF 'sleek and shine' shine serum! It made my hair look absolutely disgusting, and the main ingredient is c-xane! Stay away!!

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Oops, never mind.
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Biotera Curl Creme. Nothing but frizz and the smell gave me the worst headache.
Sunsilk Captivating Curls. Looks can be deceiving.
Matrix Curl Life. Hah! Curl life? I don't think so.
And even though it was my "HG" for years: Garnier Soft Curl Cream. It made my hair feel DISGUSTING. And while I'm at it. The Hard Curl gel. It didn't work at all.
I hate anything by Garnier Fructis. It is awful, foul stuff. My hair starts to stand on end when I even walk by it in the aisle!

Also, Vo5 is NOT for my hair.

F/X curl stuff turned my hair dry and frizzy.
Mane N Tail was awful! It dried my hair out so much, and the smell was really bad. It didn't even work on my mom's hair, which is straight. She said it made her hair look like a horse's tail.

Kinky-Curly Come Clean left my hair super, super stripped!
Garnier Fructis Pure Clean made it so dull and dry

SheaMoisture Smoothie and Style Milk dried me out
Mane N Tail (see above)
Renpure Red was actually not too bad, but the terrible smell gave me a migraine

Beautiful Curls Activating Cream gave me no curls at all
Eco Styler dried me out and made me frizzy
Garnier Pure Clean Gel made me a frizzy mess

Oh, bump!
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Oyin's Hair Dew & Burnt Sugar pomade. Both made my hair über greasy. The smell of both gave me a headache for days!
Products I'm currently :
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  • Certified Organic Coconut Oil
  • Karen's Body Beautiful Heavenly Jojoba Oil
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