View Poll Results: What is MOST important in getting fat clumpy curls/waves?
Technique 29 64.44%
Product 16 35.56%
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Clumpy curls

Clumpy curls... what is MOST important? Product or technique*?

I have been using BeCurly and Confixor for quite sometime now. I have noticed my hair varies from thick chunky curls (fabuloso!) to stringy threads (yuck!). The only factor that changes is my technique which directly affects the outcome of my hair. Even the slightest difference in technique changes potential fab curls into horrendous string.

So here is a poll. Please feel free to leave comments.

* There is no "both" option... the key word is MOST.
that's a hard one because both are needed to make the right clumps but i'm going with technique because i realized that when switched my own technique. i used to just layer my products and sort smooth the product on my hair but now i mix my products and comb them through and i have great corkscrews! i think the combing helps with saturating all the strands therefore helping them to clump together, be friends and make me look pretty with my curls
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your curls are RAD!!! Holy smokes.
I voted "technique". I've seen that no matter what product(s) I use in my hair, if I don't get the balance of plopping, scrunching, no-touchy and other handling down just right (or not at all), I don't get clumpy curls.
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aww shucks ava, thanks! i wish i could see your hair close up but from what i see in the pic, it's really cute
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i voted "technique" because no matter what i use, if i rake instead of scrunch i get skinny curls. i've gotta scrunch if i want thicker chunkier clumps.
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I also voted technique, because wetbrushing in the shower with lots of conditioner gives me chunkier results than when I don't brush. I apply stylng products with my hands.

Cool survey
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Eh, I voted product, but that's probably because I have wavy hair, which likes to form bigger clumps anyway. As long as I don't actually COMB my hair, I can finger-rake, scrunch, whatever, as long as I use my hg gel.
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I voted technique even though I think it is a little of both. I have def used products that leave my hair full of stringy waves and girls. Mostly as long as I dont rake or comb my hair outside of the shower I will have clumpy happy waves and curls.

guano - Joy4ever what is your HG gel?? I am desperately searching for one.
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hehe-- it's Suave's Biolage knockoff. I keep feeling like it SHOULDN'T be my hg because it's such a cheapie, but it works wonderfully for me-- it's the only styling product I use. Granted, I haven't tried TONS of gels, but of those I have tried, none work as well.
Previously Joy4ever.
Changed because the "number in place of a word" thing was bugging my no-longer-14-year-old self.
I voted for technique. I finger comb in the shower, scrunch in gel, plop, and diffuse, and always keep in mind to leave the curl undisturbed. This only has given me good results. The products I use can give more frizz, a natural or tacky look, strong or low hold... But for clumps and definition, technique is the key.
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Technique (and genetics.) I actually have more natural clumping than I want, but if I really want to emphasize it, wet brushing, combing conditioner through very wet hair, not combing when it is dry, and finger shaping curls all create super-clumps. I can do it just with conditioner and no product, but I wish I had more separated hair!
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I really couldn't pick either one. My hair is effected by both factors equally.
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As I haven't really found a product that consistently gave me clumpy curls, I voted for technique. The more I rake and finger comb, the skinner my curls get. Also, the wetter my hair is when I apply gel, the clumpier my curls are.
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Ahh I can't vote! Or did I vote already and forget? Haha. Anyway with my hair I can get bigger clumps if I smooth the product on, and it doesn't matter what product. So I would say technique.

And my goodness I love you hair amarilla!!! Is that your hair styled naturally or is it using straws or something? Mind you, it doesn't look like it's been set with anything. Oh my! All those corkscrews <jaw drops>
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I voted Technique, even though I think products can play a part in it.
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I voted product because today I used the same technique I always use, but used a drier pomade than usual and before I even wrapped it in the towel I could see it wasn't clumping at all; I knew I'd end up with stringier curls, and I did. I guess I need products with a lot of moisture in them to get clumps.
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I really couldn't pick either one. My hair is effected by both factors equally.
Originally Posted by CurlyMom73
Ditto! For me, it's a combination of both.
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technique. it doesn't matter if you have a tub of product on your head or if you've got the tiniest amount....if you don't know how to apply it, it's pretty worthless. for me anyway.

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