Looking for products without protein. Any recommendations?

Hello all I'm new here.. just wanted to say hello, wondering if anyone has any recommendations
Thanks in advance!
What type of products are you looking for? Styling? Conditioner?

For me....I have a protein sensitivity and I have been using the following products...rotating them.


1. Rockin' Ringlets by Jessicurl
2. Herbal Essence Body Envy Gel
3. Curl Keeper


1. Trader Joe's Refresh
2. Weekly Deep Condioner by Jessicurl
3. Shea Moisture leave in conditioner (LOVE this stuff!!!)
4. Suave Tropical Coconut for co-washes

Finding products that are protein free...curl enhancing...moisturizing....and CG friendly has proved to be a challenge, at least for me. But they are out there and I am sure that many of the curlies here can give other helpful suggestions.

Good luck!!!!
BiRacial Curly Girl
Mostly 3B...with one or two 3C ringlets!
Currently Loving: SheaMoisture Leave-in, CK, re:coil (only 1-2x per week), Hypo Allergenic Gel. Still Looking for that HG Conditioner though....
Thank you youve been a great help.. I'm looking for protein free, really moisturizing products as well.. mainly looking for shampoos and deep conditioners at the moment.. Thanks again for all the great recs!

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