Are these okay?

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I wanted to know if these two conditioners were okay to use. If so, would they be better as the richer second conditioner in co-wash, the first, either, or neither? Thanks!

Nature's Gate Chamomile Conditioner-Purified water, stearalkonium chloride, cetyl alcohol, barley extract, chamomile extract, bisabolol, hydrolyzed wheat protein, panthenol(Provitamin b5), extracts of rosemary, horsetail, geranium, awapuhi, and burdock root, tocopherol(vitamin e), hydroxyethylcellulose, corn oil, retinyl palmitate(vitamin a), ergocalciferol(vitamin d), methylparaben, propylparaben, diazolidinyl urea, fragrance oils.

Nature's Gate The Original Herbal Conditioner
-Purified water, extracts of chamomile, nettle, ho-lien-hua, kusambi bark, nelumbo nucifera, comfrey root, cherry bark, schleichera trijuga, burdock, and yucca, vegetable emulsifying wax, coconut oil, methylparaben, myrrh oil, lavender oil
I tried the Chamomile for the first time the other night, and the last. It felt like I was using a shampoo. Though it didn't make my hair squeak, it just didn't feel moisturizing or anything.

So I'm not willing to try the Herbal.
The only thing I'd question is the vegetable emulsifying wax, but it has emulsifying so I don't know if it's CG like emulsifying wax -NF.
3b-3c CG
What do you mean by "okay to use"? For CG or for curly hair, in general?

I've never tried the Chamomile just because I've never like the smell. But I've been using the Herbal conditioner for about 2 weeks now and my hair seems to like it.

It's not the best smelling conditioner either, but it's really great for co-washing (I wouldn't use it as a leave-in). I also tried mixing it with the juice of one lemon for a DT. My hair felt really soft and clarified after that.

Hope this helps!
I just want to do what I want to do when I want to do it.
I hated the Herbal- but I know many who like it. It made my hair very squeaky plus it was a poopy brown color.
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