Random observation of Deva products

I love Deva products and use them regularly; however, I have made the following observation. A few years ago, some people were worried when the list of ingredients were moved around in B&A's gel. The FDA requires that the ingredients list be in the order of the most concentration to the least. Batia and Aleeza's gel had different extracts at the top of the list, and they had moved further down. What I've noticed from the list of Set it Free is that the first ingredient is "Aquaeous Extracts of:......." They are trying to say that all of the extracts together as a whole are more than in the instance of Set it Free, the alcohol that is in it. I will bet that there's more alcohol in Set it Free than any other individual extract. But the sum of all of the extracts may be more. It's just a random observation, especially since there are so many curlies on here that are very cautious about using items with Alcohol high on the list.

Sprays with alcohol high up may be drying, but most of the alcohol evaporates before getting into your hair to dry it up. I knew a girl with the most gorgeous hair in high school who used to douse her hair in beer weekly. It made her hair so shiny.

I just am making a long point that maybe we shouldn't be so shy about alcohol, especially when it is in the spray form because it evaporates so quickly. I do like Set it Free as well as the whole Devacurl line, but I think they're burying the alcohol content.
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We should be cautious about alcohols. However cetearyl alcohol is a fatty one and actually beneficial to the hair. Set It Free is not drying at all, it actually enhances my hair's moisture content. I have to be careful not to use too much because it's fairly heavy
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Yes, today was the first time I used Set it Free. I bought it at Ulta on Thursday, and it is heavy. But it helps smooth any frizz. They were out of Angell, and so was I, so I picked up the new version of BRHG, and used that with the Set it Free. Great combo, I have to say. Got some compliments today, so I'm liking the spray, just have to be careful with how much I use.
Fine, blonde 3a botticelli curls
What is brhg?
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What is brhg?
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Fine, blonde 3a botticelli curls

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